The Limits of Omnipotence

Me in Genetics class today:

“Here’s how you can tell if an abnormality in DNA is a mutation or a lesion.  First, imagine that you’re God.  Now, can you make a protein that would fix the problem?  If you can, it’s a lesion.  If not, it’s a mutation.”

My student Hannah:

“But if I were God, I could do anything I wanted!”


“Could you make a cheeseburger so big you couldn’t eat it?”

2 Responses to “The Limits of Omnipotence”

  1. chappy says:

    So let me get this straight God is Hardees? (or Carl’s Junior depending on your geography).

    Hannah will be dissapointed.

  2. kicking_k says:


    Actually, if it were a cheeseburger containing meat, any size would be too big for me.

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