My family is cursed.

Or, not to be so egocentric (familiocentric?), we are the curse of wildlife in Southeast Missouri.  I hit a coyote on I-55 tonight.  This after Hannah hit two deer over Christmas break.

I was driving home, a little before 7, having worked out at the gym with Binnielula and then picked up food at the grocery store*, and I saw a coyote on the shoulder of the road.  I immediately hit the brakes, hard.  I’ve been sensitive about animals on the road since Hannah’s deer encounters, so I try to be extra cautious.

The coyote ran out in the road, predictably, right in front of me.  He still could have made it, but he stopped right in my lane, as if suddenly he said to himself “Oh, shit! This is a freeway! Who could have guessed, from the unceasing din of traffic, constant flow of cars going by, and the bright lights whizzing around, that there was an actual highway right here?”  I couldn’t manage to miss him.  I swerved, but the left front corner of the car hit him hard.

I  hate this.  A good friend of mine from high school totaled her car because she swerved to avoid a turtle.  I can empathize.

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  1. kicking_k says:

    Me too. J once flipped his mother’s car over (luckily he only hit a hedge) when a pigeon flew straight into his windscreen. Sometimes you just don’t have time to react properly.

    He was fine, the car was not.

    What were you going to say about the grocery store, I wonder?

  2. Allen says:

    I think I was going to mention it by name:

    The name of this local chain inspires glee most places, although around here hardly anyone notices. Not enough Yiddish speakers locally, I guess.

  3. Reno says:

    Oh man, what an awesome name… or not.

    Then there’s the southern chain, Pubix. (Okay, it’s really Publix, but that just makes me think of a combo of “pubic” and “lice.”)

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