Indoor vs Outdoor

Today I rode 20 miles on the indoor trainer (a Giant mag resistance model).  Yesterday I rode 21 miles outdoors.  My thoughts on their relative merits:

Indoor -

Easy to get dressed for it.  No road hazards.  No headwinds.  You can watch “My Name is Earl” during it.

Outdoor -

Tailwinds.  Scenery and terrain vary.  You can’t watch “My Name is Earl” during it.

A tough choice.  Mainly, the deciding factor was that it was spitting snow or sleet today, and I’m not loony enough to go out in that.

Meanwhile, I’m hoping the weather will be good next Sunday, when I’m trying to organize a 50-mile ride from Dutchtown down through Advance and Delta.

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  1. Reno says:

    I thought about getting an indoor trainer, then I realized that my sanity depends not just on the exercise, but on the fact that the exercise gets me out of my shoebox apartment. I went jogging today.

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