Choral Union!!!

I love choral union.  It’s the university’s non-auditioned community choir.  Every semester we meet on Tuesday nights, and then perform something with the University Orchestra.  This semester we’re doing Handel’s Dettingen Te Deum.  Tonight our accompanist wasn’t there (death in the family) so we just listened to a recording of the piece and followed along in scores.  It’s not too hard.  Handel has lots of notes, all those melismas, but he doesn’t do much that is really surprising.  Predictable is good, when you read music the way I do (i.e. poorly).  And it’s in English; I don’t mind other languages much, but many of the members have a problem with them.  And when we did Mozart’s Requiem a year or two ago, a bunch of people called Speak Out (column in local paper where illiterates can rant anonymously) and complained that we were always singing in furrin lingo.
Anyway, it was nice to see everyone again.  My friend and chiropractor, Jim, was there – we’re baritones.  There aren’t a lot of baritones — a big clump of basses sitting in the back, but just a few of us up front.   And I saw my friend Judy, who does a lot of cycling and is the only female tenor in the group.

Furthermore, Robin and I met at the gym again this afternoon and then went out for dinner before choral union, and I’m filled with uxorial bliss.

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  1. Reno says:

    Wait… your wife’s name isn’t really Binnielula?

  2. Allen says:

    Sadly, no. Binnielula is Robin’s “crone name” or something — she adopted it as a sort of joke a few years ago. She does use it in her email address and on labels of knitted stuff she sells.

  3. Reno says:

    She knits? Me too! I make hats, hats, hats, and the occasional sock which I can never match for size or fit. What does Robin-Binnielula make?

  4. Allen says:

    Robin spins also — she has three wheels, a drum carder, a swift, etc. She spins yarns of a variety of fibers.

    She knits sweaters, socks, and hats mostly. She’s made a zillion hats. Oh, and scarves. I have three sweaters and a scarf she made for me.

    I tried learning to knit before Cabell was born. I made some booties. The first one was very tight, as I was just learning, and therefore quite small. The second one, I was getting better at it, and it came out a lot looser and larger. So I made a third one in an effort to match one of those. It came out in between. They actually lasted a long time, as it turns out — when Cabell was little she wore the small and medium ones, and then when she got bigger, she wore the medium and large ones.

    Robin made everyone some really nice colorful socks, known in the family as “happy socks.” Mine have worn out, unfortunately.

  5. Reno says:

    Sounds like time for someone to make you another pair of socks.

    That’s wonderful that Robin spins as well as knits. My mom is a professional weaver and knitter who spun on the side (interesting image…) for a lot of years — it always looked like magic to me.

    I like your booties story. The only way I’ve managed to get rid of socks is by calling them Christmas stockings. (Actually, I did make a pair that came out the same size, but the heel was inside out on one of them.)

  6. kicking_k says:

    I really, really want to learn to knit so I can make socks, and I have no idea why. Or time to learn how. (My grandmother taught me to sew, and tried to teach me to knit, when I was seven. I’m now really regretting not having paid attention to the knitting bit.)

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