Play date and dinner

Binnielula and I had a play-date at the gym this afternoon. She used the treadmill, I got on the stationary bike. My hip is finally feeling better, and I should really get out on the real bike soon — yes, it’s cold, but I have a new set of insulated tights that I need to try out anyway. Sunday it’s supposed to snow, so I need to get out while it’s still dry.

We came home (in separate cars, as usual) and here’s what I did for dinner:

Put water on to boil for pasta, put chicken breasts in microwave to thaw.

Poured a glass of wine (3-buck Chuck from Trader Joe’s).

Cut up a green pepper and a red pepper, a Granny Smith apple, an orange, and a mango.

Ground up a couple of ancho peppers and some cumin in the spice grinder. (Okay, it’s a coffee grinder, but this one is just for spices).

Sprinkled some of the ground spices on the thawed chicken.

Sliced two shallots.

Melted some butter in a big frying pan and threw in the shallots.

Read the Atlantic for a while until the shallots were translucent.

Tossed the chicken in the pan.

Turned the chicken, added a little more ancho/cumin mixture.

Added the sliced apple to the pan, along with a little more butter.

Water started boiling, so I put whole wheat penne in it.

Chicken was starting to get done. Took smaller pieces out and put them on a plate.

Added peppers and mango to pan.

Penne got done. Drained them.

Took last piece of chicken out, put it on plate.  Added orange to pan.
Added some brandy to pan with veggies and fruit, lit it, let alcohol burn off.

Went upstairs and called Binnielula for dinner.

Poured more wine.


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  1. Cabell says:

    Wow, Mom went to the gym again? Tell her I said good for her. I’m glad she’s going.

  2. Allen says:

    I’ll pass your approval along. We’re planning to go together Tuesday and Thursday afternoons.

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