Another fine day for riding

It was actually colder this morning than yesterday, but it was so clear and sunny that I decided to go for a ride early.  I have this problem, when the kids are home visiting like this, that my life isn’t very synchronous with theirs.  Or Robin’s.  During vacation like this, I sometimes sleep as late as 7:30.  The rest of the household sleeps until 10 or 12.  I find myself wandering around looking for quiet things to occupy myself until people wake up.  So, it being so sunny and nice, what could be quieter than leaving for a couple of hours?

This time, since it was below 40 when I started, I wore the balaclava, as well as a fleece jacket under the windbreaker.  It was actually very comfortable, even when the first half of the ride was into the wind.  I rode to Oak Ridge, then down D to Jackson, where I went to the Casey’s to get some Gatorade.  While I was choosing it, a guy behind the counter was having a loud conversation with a fiftyish woman.  First there was the woman was unsure whether Bill Gates invented the internet, or just the computer, but the counter guy told her that he just invented some of the software.  Then the woman allowed as how they should get rid of the internet and “go back to the old way.  We wouldn’t have none of this identity theft if it wasn’t for the internet.”

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