Christmas Eve Day

Back update: thanks to everyone who wished it well, my back seems to be up and running again.  I picked up Sophie at the airport Thursday without incident, and Friday I drove up to Madison to get Cabell.  While I usually don’t go in for night driving, I decided that it would make sense just to load up and head back immediately this time.  For one thing, since she’s moving out of the apartment there, there was no furniture at all, hence not much to do in the evening except sleep and get up to drive.  So I called from the road and pitched this idea to Cabell, who was amenable.

The part neither of us had really planned for adequately became obvious when I got to Madison and looked at the stuff that needed to come back with us.  Cabell had put some stuff in storage in Madison, and sent other stuff ahead to Boston, but there was still a lot of crap left.  While my late-90s vintage Infiniti sedan is fairly roomy, it’s not exactly a cargo vehicle.  I kept carrying stuff out and wedging it into the trunk and back seat, and every time I’d go back in, Cabell had brought out yet more crap from somewhere.  I finally got everything more or less rigid stuck in somewhere (after convincing her that we could just replace the three bags of hangers and the box of computer paper).  All that remained was a mountain of coats, linens, pillows, blankets, etc.  We went out and started cramming soft stuff into every conceivable crevice and cranny.

The drive back felt like one of the early space voyages.  Each of us was sealed into a little pocket just the size and shape of a body.  One of the wheels of Cabell’s vacuum cleaner was in my right ear.  Cabell had to put her legs up on the dash because the leg space was filled with her laundry bag.  Every 90 minutes we had to stop and get out and stretch, to prevent Cabell from having blood clots; this was just as well from my point of view, as my hips were killing me.

Actually, it was mainly my right hip, which always hurts like hell on long drives.  This was a good sign, since the recent injury was to the left hip.  Both of them feel okay now.  We finally got home at about 1:30 Saturday morning, and now I’m pretty much rested and recovered.

Meanwhile, tonight we’re having our friends the Smeebers (Smith/Stahlhebers, actually) over for dinner.  I’m making lamb korma, curried sweet potato latkes, and naan.

3 Responses to “Christmas Eve Day”

  1. Reno says:

    I’m glad your back is better and hope you and your family had a great Christmas. In the words of a goat I used to own, “Baaaa!” (which is, roughly translated, “Season’s bleatings.”)

  2. kicking_k says:

    every time I’d go back in, Cabell had brought out yet more crap from somewhere

    I may need to show this to my Dad, who will sympathize. And I’ll be able to prove that he is not the only man whose daughter owns more stuff than should be possible.

  3. Allen says:

    Yeah, well, we ain’t seen nothin’ yet. Today we have to load up a rented minivan with all the stuff we brought from Wisconsin, plus the stuff she shipped here, plus her three cats. And then when we get to Boston, she has a storage locker there with all the stuff she shipped directly to it.

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