I’m home having a glass of wine, having made it through this semester’s choral union concert.  We did Rutter’s What Sweeter Music.  Followed by an arrangement of “Christmas Song” (i.e. “Chestnuts roasting on an open fire”).  Followed by the third suite of “The Many Moods of Christmas”.   It went pretty well, actually, if you overlook a couple of weak entrances.  “‘Ark, the herald angels sing…”  I like the Rutter a lot; the Many Moods is a bit soppy, but suite 3 contains BOTH Hark the Herald Angels AND Angels We Have Heard on High, which are my two favorite carols.  Chestnuts roasting turns out to be Robin’s absolute most hated Christmas song.  (Mine’s The Little Drummer Boy).  Anyway,  there was a good crowd, and they seemed to like it.

Next semester we’ll be in the new River Campus Performing Arts Center, and we’re doing Handel’s Messiah.  I’ve done Messiah a few times before.  Should be fun.

4 Responses to “‘Ark!”

  1. Travis says:

    Who was Harold Angel?

    I’m surprised you dislike “The Little Drummer Boy” more than “Jingle Bell Rock,” the suckiest Christmas song ever.

  2. kicking_k says:

    Oh, I’d like to do the Messiah. The last choir I was in was going through a modern phase, so it’s been a while since the opportunity to do a piece like that came up. I know quite a few Rutter pieces, but not that one.

    I don’t remember our fierce choirmistress at school telling us off for insufficient “harking”, but she did have a thing about snappy consonants – no “Chrissmas” was allowed.

    I’ve not heard “The Little Drummer Boy” often enough to truly hate it, but I could come up with a few close contenders.

  3. Allen says:

    Oh, hell, if we’re going to get into that, you’d have to consider “Grandma got run over by a reindeer,” and this way lies madness.

  4. Allen says:

    As for snappy consonants, we had repeated admonitions this time on the Rutter piece about the line “What sweeter music can we bring…” We had to enunciate both “c”s in “musiC Can”.

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