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Ride to Cedar Lake

Sunday, January 2nd, 2011

Sunday ride to Cedar Lake

Cedar Lake

I recently read in Cape Girardeau History and Photos about Cedar Lake, and was surprised to learn that I’d lived within about 15 miles of it for 15 years, and had never even heard of it. So I drove my bike over to Maintz Wildlife Refuge today and rode some gravel roads down to Millersville. Sure enough, I was able to get a glimpse of the lake (above) from county road 481. One reason this lake hasn’t been developed is that you can’t see it from any paved road. Another is that it’s out by Millersville, and there just isn’t much going on there.

It was a lovely ride, though, and I’d like to see more of the lake. There’s a gravel road that crosses the dam at its south end, and I think goes up around the east side of the lake from there, but I took the barbed-wire fence and “no tresspassing- keep out” signs to indicate that people didn’t want me to ride over there. If I can get permission, I’ll try again later and see if I can take some more pics.